Air Injection Oxidizing (AIO)

by Apr 17, 2018

AIO – Air Injection Oxidizing System

  Iron, Sulphur and Manganese in your water?  Red staining in your tub?  Rotten egg smell emitting from your water?  Metalic taste?  The Air Injection Oxidizing System (AIO) can help solve these issues.

Proven Technology

As the water enters the tank the untreated water contacts a bubble of air called the air charge.  The air charge contains the same air you are breathing while reading this.  Within air is oxygen.  The untreated water comes in contact with the oxygen in the air charge.  The oxygen oxidizes the dissolved iron, sulphur and manganese which then precipitate (fancy word for drop out) of the water and into a media bed where they are captured.

Plug It In and Forget About It

The AIO system backwashes automatically to clean the media bed of the precipitated iron, sulphur and manganese. During the backwash process the air charge is flushed with new air.  The backwash cycle can vary depending on the levels of dissolved iron, sulphur and manganese. The AIO can remove up to 8 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide and up to 7 ppm Iron.

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