EarthSmarte AIO3

by Apr 17, 2018

EarthSmarte Air Injection Oxidizing with Ozone - AIO3

When dissovled iron, sulphur and manganese levels are super high, the EarthSmarte AIO3 is the solution.

The AIO3 uses the same mechanical process as the AIO, however the air chamber is now filled with Ozone.  The Ozone is generated during the backwash cycle with an Ozone generator.

Technically speaking, Ozone is a tri-atomic oxygen (O3) molecule which has high oxidation capabilities.  This super high oxidation can remove up to 10 PPM of iron, 10 PPM of hydrogen sulfide and 3 PPM of manganese.

The AIO3 backwashes daily ensuring there is adequate Ozone to oxidize the dissolved iron, sulphur and manganese.

A secondary benefit of ozone is the ability to disinfect water.

Annually the ozone generator requires a cleaning.


52% stronger disinfectant than chlorine. Kills bacteria instantly.

  • Kills Bacteria Better Than Chlorine 52% 52%

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