Children are most susceptible to health issues when exposed to contaminated water.  Nitrates interfere with oxygen absorption; heavy metals like lead affect nerve and brain development; and the pesticide TCP is “likely to be carcinogenic to humans” (based on the formation of multiple tumors in animals EPA IRIS 2009).

This week TCP was found in the water at Manzanita Elementary located in the agricultural community of Oroville.  Who knows how long the school water has been tainted with TCP.  And TCP contamination would have remained hidden if it wasn’t for California becoming the first state in 2018 to require quarterly testing of public water sources for TCP. This will likely be the first of many contaminated public water sources requiring specialized Granulated Activated Carbon treatment systems to remove TCP or the expensive process of drilling new wells.

When people think of California usually images of beaches, surfing and the Hollywood sign come to mind.  But a good portion of the state is agricultural based.  Before it was banned in the 1990s, TCP was used extensively as an ingredient in pesticides and herbicides.  TCP does not break down very quickly leading it to leach into water sources. So wherever there is, or was agricultural land, TCP is likely still hiding out.

TCP can be removed from the water using Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC).  There are different grades of carbon water media and before you invest in a TCP solution, make sure it contains Granulated Activated Carbon.  Granulated Activated Carbon is found in the line-up of UltraPure Healthy Water’s products.  And if you can, use a whole house filter.  A whole house filter will deliver water to drink, cook and bathe in without the worry of TCP.  UltraPure Healthy Water filters remove 100s of other water contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals like lead and industrial waste.

Why wait for your public water provider to design and install water treatment, which can take years, when you can have your own home TCP water treatment in about a week?  Pick up the phone and call 916-226-3881 to schedule a water test and installation assessment.

Want to see TCP contamination in California?  Click here to see the locations where contamination concentrations exceed the
California level of 5 parts per trillion (PPT).

Your can read the whole article by clicking – Manzanita School’s drinking water found to be contaminated

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