The EPA identified TCP, a pesticide and herbicide ingredient used throughout California before it was banned in the 1990s, as a carcinogenic chemical.  Starting in 2018 the State of California requires quarterly water testing for TCP.  Any water contamination with TCP greater than 5 Parts Per Trillion (PPT) requires notification.  TCP is an ongoing problem in California water.

Today’s article from the Bakersfield Californian identifies two important concepts – it takes time for to implement solutions and without your own water treatment you are washing fruit/veggies in contaminated water.

Bakersfield Californian reports Grimmway Farms’ well water is testing positive for TCP.  Grimmway Farms is the grower and processor of carrots. One Grimmway Farms’ well tested as high as 165 PPT, 33 times over the maximum level set by California.  Another well tested 37 PPT, 7.5 times over the maximum level.  Kuddos to Grimmway Farms’ to immediately start providing drinking water to the employees and recognizing they will need to develop a solution. 

Grimmway Farms has three years to resolve the TCP water contamination.

TCP is not just a Grimmway Farms issue.  It is a water contaminant that could be in your water.  And it can be solved by using Granulated Activated Carbon filter. In about a week you could have water throughout your home, to drink, cook and bathe in, without the worry of TCP contamination with installing a whole house filter from UltraPure Healthy Water. Not sure if you have known TCP contamination – read our post about where TCP is known to be occuring in California.

The reporter highlights another concern – is the contaminated well water used to wash the carrots?  Hmm…water contamination and washing veggies and fruit. 

Now step back from just TCP water issues.  Your municipal water provider uses different chemicals to disinfect the water. Chemicals like chlorine and ammonia. When you rinse your vegetables or fruits under untreated municipal water do they absorb the contamination?  What about using untreated water for cooking pasta, eggs or potatoes?  Does boiling water concentrate contamination?  Will my untreated water taint my organic vegetables?

With the installation of an UltraPure Healthy Water whole house filter you won’t have to worry about the answers to these questions. Call 916-226-3881 to schedule a free water test and site installation assessment.  You deserve clean, healthy water.

You can read the whole article here – Cancer-causing chemical found in Grimmway Farms water

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