When the well is dry, we know the worth of water” Benjamin Franklin

You have decided to filter your fridge water after learning your municipal water tap contains the pesticide chlorine along with other disinfectant chemicals like ammonia.  Great start.  These filters are referred to as point of use (POU).

So do you brush your teeth in the kitchen sink? Take a bath in kitchen sink? Can’t really beacuse the water is cold directly from a fridge.

Today the San Diego Union Tribune published a great article about water (link below and read on for this all to make sense).

The article hits on the point of using a whole home filtration system versus just filtering the kitchen faucet or fridge:

In some ways, water quality impacts bathroom usage more than kitchen usage, as many homeowners have purified water delivery, filtered faucets or filtered dispensers on their refrigerators for drinking, but what you use to brush your teeth, shave and shower or bathe in is generally local tap water.

While drinking filtered water has a positive impact on your health, showering, shaving and bathing in unfiltered water does not.  Unfiltered hot water steam is loaded with chlorine gas – a gas that irritates asthma. Chlorine in the water strips away the body’s natural moisture and leads to itchy, dry skin.  And your pores open up allowing other contamination such as pesticides and herbicides to enter your body.

A whole home water filtration system will improve your homes’s water..  So why are you waiting – if you are reading this you have an interest in having UltraPure Healthy Water in your home.

Call us at 916-226-3881 for a free water test and installation assessment for your whole home filter.   The water test is free.  And during the test you can learn more about the water your drink, cook, brush teeth and bathe in.

You can read the whole article by clicking – Making Every Drop Count.

Our team scours the internet daily to find water themed articles of interest, both local and international.  Stay tuned!