Hard Water Issues

Clogged Pipes

The heavy presence of minerals in hard water often leads to pipes becoming clogged. With clogged pipes, your appliances will run less efficiently.   The home’s water pressure will decrease.


Destroys Appliances

Hard water leads to higher energy bills and shortens the lifespan of your appliances. By some estimates, your appliances may work only half as long as they might have with filtered water.

Decreases Efficiency

With clogged pipes, your appliances will run less efficiently. This leads to higher energy bills and even damaged appliances.


Surface Staining

Hard water can also be unsightly in the home. It can leave stains in sinks, showers and bathtubs and leave a thick scale on water fixtures. Glass showers often become opaque and look dirty because of stains from hard water.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is loaded with dissolved minerals.  Calcium bicarbonate is the main culprit behind hard water scale.  Calcium bicarbonate molecules are sticky.  As the hard water, loaded with calcium bicarbonate, dries it sticks to the surface creating scale.  Over time the calcium bicarbonate starts to stick to other scale and create build up, becoming thicker and more difficult to remove.

Calcium bicarbonate ruins the look of your counter tops, kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower walls and shower doors.  It clogs up coffee pots, hot water heater elements and leaves spots when you wash your car.  Plumbing fixtures stop working and plates have spotting. Removal can be a real pain.  Toxic, smelly chemicals, scrubbing with abrasives or scraping with razor blades.  Or in some cases, replacing the damaged product.

How To Stop Hard Water Scale?

The symptoms of hard water has to be treated.  The molecular make up for calcium bicarbonate must be changed.  This can be accomplished through Ion exchange (salt softener), Template Assisted Crystallization (crystalizing hard minerals) and Electronic Scale Prevention.

EarthSmarte Water Electronic Scale Prevention – How It Works

EarthSmarte’s Electronic Scale Prevention will prevent new scale build up and over time, Electronic Scale Prevention will undo the long term buildup in pipes, hot water heaters and appliances.  Imagine restoring water flow, extended the life of appliances and no longer working so hard to undo the damage caused by hard water.

Using low voltage, high frequency impulses, the Electronic Scale Prevention literally smashes some of the calcium bicarbonate to calcium carbonate, a softer form of calcium that does not adhere.  When the treated water dries, instead of scale, you may find a fine talc like powder that can be wiped up with a damp towel.

End results – no longer having to soak your shower head in a bag of vinegar or using toxic chemicals to restore the glass doors in your shower.  Your appliances and fixtures last longer.  

The EarthSmarte Electronic Scale Preventon is only avaiable through licensed EarthSmarte Water dealers.

All The Right Things

The EarthSmarte whole house filter combines two water filtration medias, KDF and High Activity Catalytic Carbon, to deliver UltraPure Healthy Water.

EarthSmarte Ph-1000 Whole Home Solution

The classic whole home water filtration solution that started it all. A no maintenance system with a 15-year warranty

EarthSmarte Ph-1000 Jr Triple Cartridge Solution

Huge filtering power plus customized options!  Nitrates, arsenic, fluoride and chromium 6 are just a few containments this solution can remove.

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