EarthSmarte Whole House Filter

by Apr 17, 2018

The Whole House Bacteriostatic Filtration System


The water is first directed through a 3-Stage Bacteriostatic Whole House Filtration System designed to remove Chlorine, Chemicals, Heavy Metals and VOC’s.


  • Clack WS1-TC (1 inch) backwashing control valve
  • Patented “MediaGuard” KDF Distributor
  • Distributor keeps medias separate
  • Absolutely no mixed medias
  • High energy catalytic carbon
  • Catalytic carbon lasts 600% Longer than coconut shell carbon
  • Fine quartz for better water flow
  • Stainless steel outer tank shell

PhSmarte 1000 Hard Water Descaler


The water then leaves the Whole House Bacteriostatic Filtration System and flows into the PhSmarte 1000 Hard Water Descaler.


  • Uses Cathode / Anode Impulse Technology
  • One piece design (Electronics & Cathode Chamber in 1 Unit)
  • Pure 304 Stainless Steel Cathode Chamber


Hard Water is high in dissolved minerals – named Calcium & Magnesium Bi-Carbonate.  Not a health risk, but hardness can be a nuisance because of mineral build-up on plumbing and fixtures and appliances.  And it’s tougher to mix with soaps and detergents.  Using high frequency electronic pulses, our system changes the chemical state of the Calcium & Magnesium… from a Bi-Carbonate to a Carbonate structure. 

This puts the Hardness into a form your body can absorb but helps eliminate scale build-up in your pipes, plumbing fixtures, water heater and appliances.

These photos of the calcium molecule before and after the application of the Cathode Anode technology were taken with an electron microscope. Figure 1 shows the coarse crystallized structure of calcium bicarbonate (hard). This crystal is what adheres itself to the inner walls of plumbing and fixtures, causing calcium scaling. Figure 2 shows aragonite, calcium carbonate (soft). Notice the change that occurred to the molecular structure. Aragonite is a finer particle which is non-adherent to the inner walls of plumbing and fixtures. These particles form a talc-like powder which is soluble, allowing the nutrients to remain in your water in a bio-absorptive form.

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