Ph-1000 Whole House Filter System

The EarthSmarte Water Ph-1000 whole house filter combines two water filtration medias, KDF and High Activity Catalytic Carbon, to deliver UltraPure Healthy Water.

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The EarthSmarte Water Ph-1000 whole house filter

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) is one of the best water filtration medias for cleaning your tap water. KDF is super effective at removing chlorine. Chlorine is a carcinogenic pesticide used to sanitize municipal water. While chlorine is effective at sanitizing water, it also affects the taste and is linked to increased rates of cancer and asthma.

KDF media is also effective at removing heavy metals such as copper, lead, and mercury, all of which can be harmful when ingested.

When used with High Activity Catalytic Carbon, KDF extends useful life of High Activity Catalytic Carbon and protects the High Activity Catalytic Carbon inside the tank from bacterial growth.  Bacteria inside a filter tank could compromise the quality and health of the water.

KDF is eight times heavier than High Activity Catalytic Carbon.  To maximize the filtration process and prevent the medias from mixing, the Ph-1000 houses the KDF inside a patented media container.  Without the patented media container, the KDF would settle below the carbon, making the medias less effective.    

Water filter carbons are not created equally. In most water filtration systems the carbon is created by roasting coconut shells.  Coconut shell carbon is inexpensive but has a limited effective life due to the carbon absorbing and eventually becoming saturated with water contaminants.


Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water

Most water contains dissolved minerals which raise the pH of the water.  These minerals are natural and healthy to drink.  Problems arise when the water gets to your Municipal Water Plant for disinfection.  Chemicals such as Chlorine, Alum and Lime are added to affect the pH of the water.​

Salt Based Water Softeners remove calcium (Beneficial Mineral) and replace it with the same amount of sodium which increases the Salt content in your water, and that is not healthy for drinking.  They then install a Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Drinking System which removes the salt the water softener added.  But it also removes 90%-95% of all the Beneficial Minerals our body needs leaving the water acidic (pH 5.0 – 6.0).

The PhSmarte 1000 leaves in the beneficial minerals you need for better health and supplies you with spring quality alkaline water in every faucet.

Leaving the beneficial minerals in the water is a healthy solution.  These minerals do a lot of healthy things for us. Here are a few of the benefits of drinking Alkaline Water. The PhSmarte 1000 retains the beneficial minerals our bodies need for better health and supplies you with Spring Quality Alkaline Water from in every faucet in your home.

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EarthSmarte Whole Home Water Filtration System

Install and forget about your water filter - when it's an EarthSmarte Ph-1000 Whole Home Water Filtration System. The EarthSmarte Ph-1000 Whole Home Water Filtration System is a no maintenance, no service, self-contained unit, made in the United States, and...

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