Health Benefits of Drinking UltraPure Healthy Water

Healthy Skin

The benefits of regular hydration are eventually manifested in the glowing healthy skin of a well-hydrated individual – make it easy on yourself and drink great tasting healthy water.   Chlorine, a popular water treatment chemical will strip away the natural oils of skin and hair.  Remove it and dry skin will be a thing of the past.


Reduces Cancer Agents

Filtered water reduces a whole range of carcinogenic substances that increase the risk of cancer. First among this, are disinfection by-products (DBPs) that result from the chemical reaction of chlorine (used to disinfect drinking water) and natural organic substances.

Supports Immune System and Healthy Mental Functions

 Contaminants such as arsenic and aluminum that affect the development of children and their immune systems are filtered out. Filtered water ensures that your children grow and develop healthily. Filtered water is also beneficial for pregnant women whose unborn children are affected by contaminants that cause birth defects.

What’s In Your Water Can Hurt You.

We have solutions to solve 100s of contaminant issues…

All The Right Things

Our whole house filter combines two water filtration medias, KDF and High Activity Catalytic Carbon, to deliver UltraPure Healthy Water.

Ph-1000 Whole Home Solution

The classic whole home water filtration solution that started it all. A no maintenance system with a 15-year warranty

Ph-1000 Jr Triple Cartridge Solution

Huge filtering power plus customized options!  Nitrates, arsenic, fluoride and chromium 6 are just a few containments this solution can remove.

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